Operation no one must sit on my seat of honour

1. I destroy every demonic power that has taken possession of my seat of honour in the name of Jesus

2. Let the fire of God, melt every evil hands that are fighting my seat of honour.

3. My seat of honour become too hot for any demonic powers to sit on you in Jesus name

4 . Any strange woman preparing to take over my seat as the wife of my husband, MAY THEY PREPARE INVAIN IN JESUS MIGHTY NAME

5. Any Demonic power monitoring the affairs of my life disappear in the name of Jesus

6. I reject the seat of …..(shame, sorrow, divorce, sickness, barreness) and l claim the seat of …. (Joy, success, marriage, fruitfulness) in Jesus mighty name

7. Powers sitting on my seat of promotion at work be paralyzed now in the name of Jesus

8. Father catapult me into my seat of honour in the name of Jesus

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